A Code of Conduct for New Technology at Exhibitions

Posted by

Barry Siskind

Community Manager

It’s an age old problem: how do we encourage exhibit staff to stop texting, talking, reading, computing and organizing in order to give one hundred percent of their attention to the visitors. The problem has intensified now that nearly one third of the world’s population are connected and the tendency to send a quick text or email message can be overpowering.

Perhaps organizers can play a crucial role in fixing the problem by creating a code of etiquette for new technology used at an exhibition.

Here are a few of my suggestions to get our discussion going:


Use cell-phones at the stand;

Use the stand time to catch up on work on laptops and tablets;

Allow head office people to interrupt exhibition staff with calls and messages.


Turn your cell-phone ringer to “silent” during exhibition hours;

Use your smart phone wisely to do such things as confirming on-site appointments and meetings;

Assign one person to maintain contact with the social media who will post  updates from your stand

Use laptops and tablets to help with visitor presentations.

This is a mere beginning. If you have any do’s and don’ts to add to the list, let me know.

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