What’s stopping companies from adopting social media?

Posted by

Barry Siskind

Community Manager


Social media has become a strong marketing force, yet many exhibitors (and organizers) have been slow to embrace this new technology. I recently found some interesting research conducted by The Creative Group based in Toronto, Canada. They polled 250 marketers and asked, “When it comes to implementing social media initiatives, what would you consider being your greatest challenge?”


Here are some of the responses:


Measuring or defining the return on investment – 27%

Finding knowledgeable staff to execute social media tasks – 19%

Gaining executive support for social media initiatives – 17%

Finding budget for social media initiatives – 14%


The Creative Group also ran a similar study in the United States where 40% of respondents said measuring the rate of return was their number one challenge.


I would be interested in hearing from my followers in other areas around the world who have received feedback from exhibitors who are reluctant to adopt social media.


It should also be interesting to hear what Eric Ly thinks about this when he addresses the UFI Congress in Abu Dhabi in November.


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