How can we make exhibitions sexy?

Posted by
Barry Siskind
UFIs Community Manager

Are exhibitions not sexy enough to interest a new generation of organizers? That seems to be the conclusion Mash Media Managing Director and founder of the Industry Expansion Initiative (IEI), Julian Agostini believes and I tend to believe he’s right.

In a recent post in Exhibition News, Agostini wrote about his experience visiting universities and talking to event management students. He found that “most of these bright young people all have their sights firmly set on the sexy world of music festivals and Olympic opening ceremonies.”

Put yourself in the shoes of one of these young adults and you will no doubt agree with their aspirations. Most exhibitions, in their estimation, are boring and not what they aspire to devote their careers to.

Each year organizations like UFI publish studies on the health of the industry but these staggering numbers are not enough. What Agostini believes is that it is up to the entire industry, organizers, venues and suppliers, to find ways to promote not only the benefits of exhibitions but to reintroduce the spark that young people need when choosing a career.

Agostini’s post is worth read. It highlights an issue that needs to be addressed.

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