China’s State Council outlines plans for exhibitions

In April, China’s powerful State Council, headed by Premier Li Keqiang, released an official directive with the aim of boosting the development of the country’s exhibition industry. According to the lengthy guidelines, a ministerial joint conference, including multiple central government departments, will be established to coordinate the formulation and implementation of new market rules. UFI has arrange for a full translation of the guidelines available on the UFI website.

The objectives in this initial document are fairly high-level and somewhat vague, but are quite ambitious. The Chinese government aims to turn the country into a centre for exhibitions “with a sound development environment and a high level of internationalisation” by 2020. The document also stated that licensing of economic and technological exhibitions will be gradually delegated to provincial-level commercial authorities.

Importantly, the State Council also underscored its goal of transforming China’s exhibition industry into a more market-driven industry which will, in part, be achieved by reducing the number of state-funded exhibitions and encouraging private organisers to take a larger role in the Chinese exhibition market.

The central government also plans to provide guidance to large-scale exhibition enterprises in forming partnerships, joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions to order establish industry-leading Chinese multinationals. The Chinese government plans to set-up a “cooperation mechanism” to facilitate partnerships between domestic enterprises and overseas players including organisers and associations.

In addition, tax breaks and streamlined customs procedures will be implemented to support small-scale exhibition organisers and to promote the internationalisation of events. The document also touched on a wide range of other exhibition industry-related topics including: sustainability, intellectual property rights protection, and supporting industries such as transport & logistics, tourism, catering and hotels.

What are your views on these guidelines?
What should UFI do in reaction to this announcement?

Please share your comments here. We are looking forward to enagage in disucssions with our members!

Blogger: Mark Cochrane, UFI Regional Manger Asia/Pacific Office

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